Friday, November 25, 2005

I miss those days .............

.....when life was not so routine, when weekends were not so eagerly waited upon, when we used to be up all night for assignments or sometimes for back-to-back 3 crazy desi movies ..... yes, I miss those days when I was a student!

Life, currently is not doubt good, infact better and more affordable, but nevertheless, changed. It has become so routine that everyday getting up and going to my job has become an increasing pain .... go to the office and code, have lunch then code, coffee break then again more code. Sometimes fix bugs and if u r lucky, then design and then code. In the evening come back home (after this hour everyday, life gets better for atleast a few hours which I get to spend with Swaps and some friends). But then again the next morning, its back to the same boring stuff, look at the same boring code and fix the same problems.

Standard of living now is 5 times what it was in buffalo. Its a god damn luxury to drive a brand new car, work in a multinational company, stay in a complex that boasts of tennis courts, gym, heated pool, jacuzzie and what not. Every weekend eat in a new restaurant! But is that really the luxury that I want??

When we were students and did not have enough money, we used to have 'Top Ramen' noodles/hash brownes for lunch, stay in a house with the heater conked off and the temp -20, walk to school in that freaking snow and ice. I remember, there used to be a period like a month or so, when night-outs were the routine things, but never got bored. Even those seemed fun in the grad-lab (in Buffalo) and at Barave's house (in Mumbai). The best part was that there actually was a point after which for the next couple of months (or more during Engg), you actually did what u felt like !!!! I think waiting for that day was a driving factor ... only 4 days left, only 3 days left !!! Once that last day of exam was done with, then the next day (and the next days until the next exam) you could sleep till 2:00 pm !!! You could just relax take it easy for a month or two !!!!

Now that is what I call luxury !!!!