Saturday, December 10, 2005


Watched it on AZN for the nth time I guess. The way this movie is made, it definitely touches your heart. The acting is good, direction excellent and the story very powerful and realistic within the realm of cinema. I am not at all a SRK fan, but I must say that SRK did an awesome job in Swades. I think Ashutosh Gowarikar did an even more awesome job of controlling SRK ;)

It sure struck a chord somewhere .... that you need to give something back to your country. No doubt that it was always on the back of our minds, but watching the movie brought it to the front. There are a lot of movies being made these days in Bollywood that try to touch different subjects. Many times, they fail to give a proper message or reach out because they lack something ... acting, direction, ....

But Swades has definitely been a very well done movie. It has been successful in sending the message. Hats off to Ashutosh Gowarikar for doing justice to the story !

Yeh jo desh hai mera , Swades hai mera .........


Just came back from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. For once everyone who watched the movie with me thought that it was really bad! I have an aversion towards fictional movies for some reason. Never been a big fan of trilogies governing some rings or even Harry.

The whole world just loves these movies. I really cannot appreciate the story in these movies because after some time I realise that anything is possible in the movie ... everyone can do magic in the movie and so there are no limits!

Why do only I think of these movies in this way? Why does everyone else love them ?
Am I really missing something here?