Sunday, August 28, 2005

Around the corner ..................

You are walking in the corridor in your office or your school and you are approaching a blind corner and you try to cut the corner and ..."Oh! I am sorry"! Yes, you almost slammed into the other person coming from the other side!

Ever noticed that whenever you are going around a blind corner (you cannot see the other side until you at actually at the corner) that you always bump into the person coming from the other side?? Next time observe this ... whenever u r nearing the corner, unconsciously, you try to go for the smallest distance by cutting the corner rather than passing a little away from it .... the other person is also doing the same thing and hence the collision.

After observing this, I decided to try going around the corner using the longer route... one and a half feet away ... but as I approached the corner, this resolve somehow drifted away from my mind and ..."Oh! I am sorry" happened again !:)
Now was this time because I caught a little glimpse of girl coming from the other side, that I let my resolve drift ... is a different subject.

But try and observe this ... you must be doing it too!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


...... Autorickshaws!!!!

I would give anything to have them here. The most convenient mode of transport I have even travelled in. We Bombayites take the rickshaws for granted so much, we never had to think twice about someone picking us up if we didn't have a car like here. There always used to be 3 (if not more) parked right outside the complex

Looking at all the security systems that the cars flaunt here, sometimes I wonder if security issue ever occurs to the rickshaw wallas. Their 'gaadi' is always open! And they flaunt their stereo systems in those open cars! Mannnnnnnn ! Its been ages since I heard the Jhankar beats for 'Tu cheez badi hai mast mast!'

In this case it always used to be Beats speak louder than words ! Then there were some distinguished ones that made an attempt of creating a cramped up disc within itself complete with flouroscent blinking lights! :)

I miss all such dhin-chak rickshaws which we used to ridicule about back in Mumbai

And finally the inevitable fight with the rickshawalla over the meter reading and the charge, which finally ended with "Kya bhai sahab riska-walle ko fasata hai?"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thats my nick as I like it to show up on MSN, blog, signatures on emails, etc.
Why do I like that? Do I not like my actual name 'Subir'? No, I like it
Do I like 'beer'? Haven't developed a taste for it yet :(
Do I like 'Soo'? Ofcourse not! ('Soo' means 'piss' in marathi)

Then y do I like to write 'SOO-BEER' instead of my name?
Wait ... y do I like to write 'y' for 'why'!
hmm... its kinda cool??
Yes!!! Its cool. Thats y I like 'SOO-BEER'. We like to potray that we are 'coooooooool'.
And we like girls who are 'hot'. No cool there!!!You cannot have cool over there

So we like to be cool but we do not like others to be cool ! If they are not 'hot', then we do not like them, but if we are not 'cool' then they might not like us !!!
Now looking from the girls point of view, they wud have the same argument! So finally if we want to be with each other, we wud have to be 'hot' and 'cool'

I wonder how u do that !